home is ... where we make memories, where we build relationships, where we celebrate milestones, laugh, love and dream. It's so much more than just a physical shelter. The fabric of cities, villages and neighborhoods that make up Metro-Detroit are each unique with their history, community attractions & events, and recreational activities. Kathy has a special talent in helping her clients find that special neighborhood and the place to call home. Please use the links below for further insight into some of these neighborhoods.

There’s a neighborhood for every lifestyle. let's Find the place that’s perfect for you.

Let Kathy serve as your real estate expert when exploring some of the many unique metro Detroit neighborhoods.

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Whether you're buying a house or moving out of your home filled with a lifetime of memories, Kathy is here to make this process seamless during this time of transition. Kathy looks forward to working with you, and bringing you success.

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